Welcome to Smart-Express Virtual Airlines

Smart-Express Virtual is dedicated to the advancement of the virtual aviation hobby and experience.

We are based in Tallinn Airport (EETN) with focus cities Boryspil International Airport (UKBB), Dnepropetrovsk International Airport (UKDD) and Vilnius Airport (EYVI) for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/X, XPlane and Prepar3D. We use VATSIM online Air Traffic Control simulation network as well as an excellent application to track these movements.

If you've been flying on your own in empty skies and now seek a virtual airline to help take you to the next level then join today. We are always looking for pilots to join us, no matter where you originate from or what your current skill level is.

Our aim is to add a new dimension to simulated flying that is FUN, social, entertaining and educating.

To help us achieve our goals we are looking for individuals who can offer time, skills and experience to join our dedicated management team. If you think you have what it takes then take a look at our current opportunities.

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Latest flights

Airline Flight No Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft Registration Submit Time Landing Rate Status
KSC5296 Sergey Polyarnik EDDK EETN 02.08 B777-F ESSCM 12:33 -189 Accepted
KSC5274 Sergey Polyarnik LIMC DAAG 01.25 MD-11F LYSCD 12:50 -169 Accepted
KSX5247 Sergejs Jakubovskis LPLA EDLV 04.28 E190 URSXA 12:30 -252 Accepted
KSX5272 Dima Shygorin UUEE UKBB 01.14 A332 URKSX 18:57 -349 Accepted
KSC5207 Sergey Polyarnik OTHH LIMC 05.47 MD-11F LYSCD 17:45 -43 Accepted